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Julia Ostrout  RN, MSN, CLNC

President & CEO


Masters of Science in Nursing Administration


Post – Graduate studies in Nursing Education


Ms. Ostrout has more than 30 years of nursing experience with expertise in Critical Care, Medical- Surgical, Rehabilitation, Genetic Disorders, Developmental Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury and Long-Term Care.


She is well versed in the areas of infant and child injuries, Resident Rights, Nursing State Practice Acts in Ohio and Florida, and JCAHO standards.

Over 25 years as an Intensive Care Nurse qualifies Ms. Ostrout to understand the issues of patient injuries, and pre-existing conditions exacerbated by trauma.  This experience also allows her to quickly and cost-effectively review cases in any medical or nursing specialty.

As an educator, she was recognized as a speaker at nursing conferences and charged with the task of locating high profile medical experts to present at Nursing Conferences, seminars and continuing education forums.


As a hospital administrator, she can address the issues regarding staffing, accreditation, policy and procedures and the subculture of hospital units.

Five years of teaching Computerized Clinical Documentation Systems to nurses has enabled Ms. Ostrout to interpret and decipher clinical records that can often seem confusing and unrelated.

As a business owner for three years, Ms. Ostrout understands the importance of saving time and money and can provide case screenings and case reports with quick turnaround times.

Overall experience in nursing and nursing research guarantees that the attorney won’t miss relevant facts, issues or supporting research.

Rand Roxby

Marketing Director



We have the expertise to save YOU time and money when dealing with medical related issues and records!

• Educate attorneys regarding medical facts and issues relating to a case or claim

• Review medical records, evidence and applicable literature to determine the merit of a case

• Define applicable Standards of Care

• Evaluate cases for deviations from and adherences to applicable Standards of Care

• Prepare written reports on opinions regarding standard of care

• Provide testimony at trials, depositions, arbitrations, mediations and hearings

• Assess alleged causation, contributing factors and damages

• Review, organize and summarize medical records

• Identify missing medical records

• Screen for record tampering

• Research the medical literature and apply this information to the case analysis

• Prepare chronologies of medical events and correlate them with the allegations

• Interview witnesses, experts and involved parties

• Identify, retain and interface with appropriate expert witnesses

• Serve as a liaison between attorneys, health care providers, testifying experts, witnesses, clients and other involved parties

• Aid in preparing demonstrative evidence and exhibits for depositions and trial

• Provide support in medical depositions including the preparation of questions and the review of testimony

• Coordinate and attend Independent Medical Examinations

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant


This busy trial Attorney actually got to go for a walk with his wife because of the amount of time we saved him on his malpractice case!

Our firm uses Legal Nurse Consultants in many aspects of our work. Legal Nurse Consultants play a vital role in both screening and prosecution of medical malpractice cases. They also play an important role in significant product liability cases .

Our nurses were extremely involved in screening the hundreds of potential  liability cases that were referred to us and in helping to determine which should be sent on for an expert review.

They then were involved in putting the materials together for the expert review and in meeting with the expert to discuss the case.

Their ability to organize the records into a format that medical experts can understand is unmatched and ultimately saves our firm money in expert fees.

Legal Nurse Consultants were principally responsible for completing the complex medical portions of the plaintiff profile forms that were required in this mass tort litigation.

In speaking to other firms involved in this litigation I learned that most others had to make significant modifications to the PPF forms after they were initially filed, while the ones my firm filed raised very few objections from the defense attorneys.

This is an example of how Legal Nurse Consultants' training and experience make them invaluable and superior to paralegals for doing many medical related tasks that arise in this type of litigation.

In almost any complex personal injury case I would prefer to have a good Legal Nurse Consultant at my side from start to finish."



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